Letting Go

Well, it is about time that I have written in here while I am out of the house. I guess that it’s good to explore different surroundings because some people can really go insane while staying stuck in their homes or surroundings. Now I am going to talk about something which people have difficulty doing. And that is letting go of things. I know that there are times when  we have difficulty letting go to certain things such as a job, old friends and maybe a relationship.

But I think that it is essential to do this but at times I find it hard to do because of the feelings that they carry. I am not alone on this since there are people out there who have difficulty letting go of certain things since it gives us some feelings to security and keeps us from getting hurt. Another words it adds protection from the forward events that we are likely to face. But in a way it prevents us from growing and seeking opportunities which are probably better for us such a new job or relationship.

I am guilty of not letting go at times due to the job I am in but gradually I am working through the pain and just starting to realize that moving on is becoming more essential than holding on to the possibility that things will improve at the gas bar with regards to change in management. I am realizing this and it is becoming obvious that hoping or pleading isn’t going to change this persons mind or behavior. So, I will just have to let go of this hope and move forward to another job.


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