Lonzo Ball And David Carr

I haven’t been writing in here for a while. Let’s make that a long while and I want to apologize for that. It is just that I have been looking for some stuff on sports to write and as of life but I haven’t been able to put it on this blog.But now that I have been gone for a few days I will start off by talking about some news coming out of the NBA and NFL.

First off the NBA. Word has it Lonzo Ball got selected in the second round by the Los Angeles Lakers and I couldn’t be happier.One thing which concerns me though is that he is entering the NBA at a time when most upcoming players have finished their senior year in college or university. I think that Lonzo Ball was either a freshman or sophomore when he got chosen by the Lakers this year.I am not sure but it is a problem if he hasn’t finished school because what if his NBA career doesn’t go far.

Anyway, I will talk about David Carr now. He signed a contract extension with the Oakland Raiders. A five year deal that is and I would say that this makes him an Raider for life. He probably finished school.I am not sure but overall I have to say that most NFL Players rarely ever make it passed the four year mark. Just like NBA players, NFL players often never last in the league longer than four years. So I have to say that David Carr should go back and get an education if he hadn’t finished. Just like Lonzo Ball should finish if he hasn’t done so.