Short Note On One Stop Big Stores

Just a thought here before heading out here. I was about to write another article for my LinkedIn profile but I am just not able to come out with the words I want to discuss.I want to do an extensive analysis on big stores but just not able to come out with it. Maybe as time goes by I will be able to do a report of big stores and how most Americans are not shopping there as much as they were 60 years ago. I think that most Americans are looking for smaller stores that they can go to just so they can buy only a small number of items.

I will have to read the article and find out what it’s all about because most Americans I don’t think want big, one stop stores due to the lack of time spent going to them. Like who wants a big store if not many people are shopping in them. Besides most online sites like Amazon have eaten up the market from these brick and mortar stores.


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