Short Note On Gas Prices And ESPN

Well, I didn’t get a chance to check for some more gas prices but I did manage to take a quick glimpse of one station when I was leaving from the gym. I checked out Petro Canada and their price has gone down. If that’s the case then all of the prices at most stations have gone down too.

Anyway, this will be short. ESPN has laid off 100 workers and I think that more layoffs are coming from the TV sports network due to a lack of viewership and adapting more of their content to digital.I was surprised to hear this while at the same time not surprised since I have read that the network has been hurting for months now.

Gas Business Majorly Slow

Alright, I wanted to write in my other blog about this issue but since I am here I will start on this. Yesterday when I was working I was expecting the gas bar to be busy but this wasn’t the case at all.Now I don’t know what would cause business to become so slow but I would suspect that it has to do with the gas prices because as I have seen, the price of gas didn’t go down very much since a couple of days ago. I would think too that maybe most stations are having trouble balancing their prices to fit customers needs.

I will never know the true reason as to why business has died all of a sudden.But I would say that it probably has to do with most businesses and retailers selling the gasoline parts of their business in order to save money because maybe in a broad sense that they are finding out that the fueling business is losing money causing them to lose money as well. Retail has been taking a beating as of late with most stores closing their doors,laying off their employees. I have read that there are some businesses which has purchased some fuel stations from most petroleum companies releasing the business to another business.

Well, all I can do is just take a wait and see approach to see what happens in the next few days. I am hoping that business improves and see whether or not it will affect the oil prices in a big way.

Drawing/Collecting Pennies

I am just lost for words right now because I am just stuck in a rut due to writers block. But like anything in life I can only do the best I can with the equipment I got. I will try and get something in my other blog because I have to keep my graphic design portfolio updated as much as possible. For starters I will finish off the drawing I have and then post it on Twitter.

Anyway, I was just taking a few minutes of my time to collect coins and to round them up because I am going to take them to a place to get recycled or melted since they are metal plates. But I suspect that they are medal because if I had wrapped then these would be a lot of pennies for me to deposit. I am wondering though if the people will take those coins because the Bank Of Canada had already destroyed the currency and abolished the penny which makes it hard for people to dispose this coin if people are still carrying them  in their homes.


Co-op Housing Meeting

Not a whole lot to say here with the exception that I will be heading off to a meeting with the Co-op Housing. I think about three or four times a year the management holds a meeting. Attendance to at least one of them is very important to say the least. Now,I don’t know what the meeting will be all about but I expect pretty much the same thing as always. They will be talking about board members and other issues which I think will probably be discussed such as inspections of the property. Which I think is one downside of making property Co-op. They can come in at anytime and inspect your place, sometimes without notice. And they can take rent money without notice even when you don’t have any funds in your account.

Another downside I have is that ownership doesn’t belong to the owner.So the owner has no say as to whether or not they can do extra work such as renovations that are independent of management. Of course we cannot forget rent as well since it has to be paid every month or else they can either ask for more money or they can change the locks on you and kick you out for falling behind in rent. All in all, there is no real ownership of the property you are in. So those are the disadvantages.

I can name the advantages of living in Co-op Housing but I may have to write about them in another entry since I am pressed for time. But I think you get the idea.

Renovations Regarding The Gas Station

Just something quick before a show comes on.I was going to check my schedule and leave a note for my boss but I will wait until I get to work. Now I have been saying to myself that some restaurant is due for renovations because of the outdated equipment that’s in the place and which from my observation isn’t attracting much business. But I guess that some people are resistant to change like most of us because it’s scary at times since we want the change to guide us and not threaten since we want to be comfortable. That’s understandable.

But there is something inside ourselves that tell us that life in a way can be pretty dull and stagnant if we remain comfortable. And that is what I am sensing in the gas bar with regards to keeping the building as it is. I think that it’s due for a renovation because as far as I can tell, the gas bar was built around 2000 – 2001 and it looks like its slowly getting out of date. I go to other gas stations or some gas stations and they seem to be up to date with new cabinets, shelves and merchandisers. The one I am at seems out of date and the architecture worn out.Of course let’s not forget about the floor plan itself. There is no emergency exit for any person to escape. So I think that the gas bar needs some renovations and a change with its floor plan.

I know this and my boss knows this as well because I have heard her mention this a few times too. The question is whether or not the owners will actually put any money into planning this construction project.

Some Thoughts

Just some thoughts I want to get down here before heading out. It’s been a long while since I have written anything in here. But I have to admit that it’s pretty hard to write when you have so much on your mind or you get distracted.But I guess I can say that I am focused enough to get this down on screen. Now I just thought of something which hit my mind as I was heading to the gym. It has to do with the parking that people are made to pay for at a shopping center which was free years ago. Because so many people were parking there for a long time, they decided to start charging people for it.

So, the authorities decided to put some meters there to monitor how long people park their cars. The first few hours are free then after the hours are up then they have to pay for it. But what really gets me is why people have to pay for parking on a Sunday since parking is free on Sundays downtown. But it just seems to me that people have to pay for parking in the shopping centers which I don’t think is fair but I guess this company which isn’t own by the city wants to make all the money they can since it is an actual business.

Anyway, that’s all for now with my thoughts.

Writers Block/Exercise Journal

So, what can I talk about today since I am on this blog?It seems that every time I come here to write, for some reason I am just not able to get any words out of my head and onto this screen. For the last few months I have been able to get a lot of words out but now I am just not able to because of the fear of people reading it and not like it. The audience at times can be very harsh but even harsher when we criticize ourselves because we can become our own worst critic.Just like we can become our own worst enemy if we let it.

Now, I just got back from the gym about an hour ago and just taking a rest before heading out the door once again. But just wanted to elaborate on my workouts right now because it seems to me that I am making progress with them even though to me it doesn’t feel like it since the pounds are still not coming off even though from a visual standpoint my stomach doesn’t feel that big since my pants are becoming looser at the waist. I have been making some improvements on my eating habits. Well, at least I try my best to do it anyway. But I confess, it’s hard to do because once the weight is gained it gets hard to lose it again due to age and metabolism.